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13 San Diego Craft Breweries

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Mark Gibson · Apr 12, 2023

With over 150 independent craft breweries, this sunny city is not just a paradise for surf and sun, but a premier destination for craft beer lovers. San Diego's breweries are renowned for their pioneering spirit and the creation of beers that have earned global acclaim.

Here are 13 reasons San Diego is nicknamed the "Capital of Craft":

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery, affectionately known as 3R Brewery, is not only a purveyor of fine craft beers but also a trailblazer as the first and only tribally owned and operated brewery in Southern California. Established by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians in 2019, this brewery intertwines the rich heritage of its people with the craft of beer-making. Located in the scenic Valley Center, each beer crafted here tells a story, celebrating the culture and history of the Luiseño community.

Modern Times Beer

Not just a brewery but a canvas of creativity, Modern Times dazzles with its funky, artsy taprooms and inventive brews. It's a place where the decor is almost as famous as the drinks, blending art and ale in a way that's distinctly San Diegan. Expect vibrantly colored cans and equally vibrant flavors.

Ballast Point Brewing

A titan in the craft beer world, Ballast Point is synonymous with innovation. Their Sculpin IPA has become almost a benchmark for West Coast IPAs. Their commitment to quality and experimentation has made them a beloved brand far beyond San Diego's borders.

Stone Brewing

With a reputation almost as robust as their Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Brewing combines gothic architecture and lush gardens at their Escondido location, creating an almost mythical experience for visitors. Stone’s commitment to sustainability and bold flavors keeps it at the forefront of the craft beer conversation.

AleSmith Brewing Company

AleSmith marries craft with culture, hosting a museum dedicated to baseball legend Tony Gwynn. Known for their meticulous approach to craft brewing, AleSmith's lineup includes perennial favorites and experimental batches that continue to draw beer aficionados.

Mujeres Brew House

More than just a brewery, Mujeres Brew House is a movement, celebrating diversity and empowerment in every pint. Their community-focused approach and vibrant events make every visit a celebration of culture and craft.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

As pioneers of the craft beer movement in San Diego, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has been pouring passion into their brews since 1989. Renowned for their innovative beers and commitment to quality, Karl Strauss offers a diverse range of styles that reflect San Diego's vibrant beer culture. With a flagship brewery and multiple brewpubs across the city, they serve up award-winning ales alongside locally-inspired dishes, making every visit a delightful experience for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Mike Hess Brewing

From humble beginnings to a household name in the San Diego beer scene, Mike Hess Brewing is a testament to community and quality. It’s a place where every pint is poured with purpose, and every visitor is treated like a local.

North Park Beer Company

North Park Beer Company has quickly risen to fame, not just for its award-winning beers but for its contribution to the revitalization of the North Park neighborhood. Their taproom is a hub of innovation and community, reflecting the vibrant culture of the area.

Pizza Port

Combining two of life's greatest joys—beer and pizza, Pizza Port is a local legend with a laid-back vibe that embodies the Southern California lifestyle. It’s a place where surfers, families, and beer geeks alike come together over a shared love of good brews and even better food.

Pure Project

With an ethos rooted in sustainability and natural ingredients, Pure Project makes beers that are as good for the palate as they are for the planet. Their commitment to environmental stewardship is poured into every batch, making each sip a testament to their mission.

Belching Beaver Brewery

Located in the heart of San Diego, this brewery stands out with its bold flavors and whimsical approach to craft beer. Belching Beaver Brewery is where playful innovation meets exceptional brewing. From their iconic Peanut Butter Milk Stout to a variety of adventurous ales, Belching Beaver creates memorable beers that are as fun as they are finely crafted.

Resident Brewing

Located in the heart of downtown, Resident Brewing is as much about the community as it is about the beer. With a penchant for perfection and a knack for nailing the nuances of each style, they brew beers that are both approachable and exceptional.

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